Thursday, February 6, 2020

Resource: Individual Wrestling Tournament Score Sheet

Sure, everyone is going away from paper and using Trackwrestling for stats these days. I'm very supportive of the idea as it cuts down on the amount of work involved in compiling and tracking statistics. I also like that we are using less paper products to run tournaments.

That said, a lot of coaches still prefer keeping stats on paper and it's always good to have paper on hand as a backup if Trackwrestling goes down or the wireless goes out.

One of my assistant coaches from early in my career was an awesome man who had been around wrestling a long time. His name was Vince Trzinski and he knew everyone everywhere we went.

He gave me this awesome document to keep track of stats at individual tournaments. Each wrestler had their own sheet and sheets could be traded off by coaches and statisticians when multiple wrestlers were going at a time. Impossible to do with a scorebook, and difficult with tablets unless you have several.  Anyway... Without further ado, here's the download link...

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