Friday, April 17, 2020

FCA Michigan Wrestling Coaches Huddle with Tim Lambert

Michigan Wrestling Resource is ramping things up to provide more information and resources to our wonderful wrestling community.  I started this off by reaching out to the community to anyone who has something to share.  One of my favorite people (yes, I have favorites *shrugs*), Timothy Lambert reached back with this:
"I will be starting a weekly FCA Coaches Huddle for Michigan Wrestling Coaches next week beginning Monday. We will be going through 3Dimensional Coaching videos, discussion questions, have panelists, share wisdom, and learn on how to coach the heart behind the athlete and sharpen our skills as coaches. I'll send the link and information if anyone is interested once it's out!"
Instantly I was thrilled. For a very long time, my heart and mind felt that Michigan wrestling needed a ministry.  Wrestling is such a great vehicle for so many things in life.  Building your faith and growing with Christ is one of those things.  And we lacked a Christ-centered leader in our state.  Tim Lambert and FCA Wrestling have been an answer to my prayers.  So, I'm pleased to help announce the FCA Michigan Wrestling Coaches Huddle:
Michigan Wrestling Coaches FCA Huddle 
Location: Zoom
Time: Mondays at 11:00am
Quote from Tim Lambert: "I am looking forward to growing together, serving you coaches, and sharpening one another. Feel free to pass this along to other coaches that would be interested in joining the Zoom call."

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