Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Michigan Wrestling Resource's Nutrition Guide for Wrestlers

It happens every year. It's usually drawn out, rarely changes, and makes most of us doze off. The mandatory nutrition meeting. Another year of packing an hour of cherry picked information into an informal meeting and calling it "nutrition education".  Don't get me wrong... I'm glad the MHSAA is trying. Nutrition is crucial to the sport of wrestling, but little Johnny Freshman is still going to go to stud Taylor Senior to ask how he should go about cutting weight... the same Taylor Senior who gassed in the blood round at Regionals. The same Taylor Senior who has likely ignored all the "advice" in the mandatory nutrition meeting for the fourth year in a row.

This issue has absolutely annoyed me for 16 years. Back to when I was a freshman in high school listening to the nutrition meeting and wondering how in the heck am I supposed to remember all this, let alone actually implement it. Cutting weight and doing nutrition the wrong way proved to be much easier than what the mandatory meeting suggested.

I finally decided to do something about it and created a practical guide to nutrition for wrestlers who want to set themselves a part and crush their opponents this season. And it's yours 100% free!

Michigan Wrestling Resource's 
Nutrition Guide for Wrestlers
If you're a wrestler, a coach, a parent, an official, an athletic director, or even just a wrestling fan... you will find this guide practical, informative, and game changing.
Why download this guide? If you want to make weight easier, wrestle better, and crush your opponents... you need to start eating better. This guide will help you do that. 

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What's all included in this guide? 
Nutritional recommendations, information on losing weight and building muscle, training recommendations, daily nutrition trackers, not to mention straight forward information on hydration, supplements, weight cutting, and more
What have others had to say about the guide?
"Looks Good! I'll send it out to my wrestlers!"

"Thank you for doing this Dan!"

"This is fantastic man! Thanks!"

The MWR Nutrition Guide for Wrestlers will make a difference in your performance this season.

Fill out this form and get your copy today!

This Nutrition Guide was prepared by Coach Sabin of Return To Fit.  For more information on the services Coach Sabin provides for wrestlers, check out Return To Fit 4Wrestlers


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